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Construction chemicals are chemical products used in the construction industry that give special properties to buildings. These products include adhesives, sealants, waterproofing products, additives, repair mortars and paints.      
What are the Properties of Construction Chemicals?
  • Construction chemicals are useful to improve the performance of concrete.
  • Extends the life of constructions.
  • Environmentally friendly production process.
  • Protects structures from external factors such as heat, rain etc.
  • Repairs and strengthens cracks, gaps and leaks.
  • Increases the strength of structures.
  • Easy to apply.
Waterproofing Materials
Thermal Insulation Materials
Repair & Reinforcement
Flooring Materials
Mould Release Agents & Mortar Additives
Tile Adhesives & Joint Sealants

Construction Chemicals are the cornerstones of construction. Construction chemicals, which form the basis of every building project, are critical to increase the durability of structures, ensure their safety and ensure their longevity. Our brand offers quality and reliable solutions to its customers with construction chemicals that are pioneers in the sector. Various products such as concrete admixtures, waterproofing materials, adhesives, fillers and surface protectors are used to increase the durability of structures, provide waterproofing and hold building elements together.