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Notus International is an international trade and logistics company established in 2017. Together with our team of experts, our main focus is foreign trade. Our main goal is to provide importers in the United States with easy access to high quality and cost-effective products in Turkey.

We work to ensure that American companies can easily access Turkish products in a reliable way and with a B2B approach. By offering a regionally specialised service in the United States, we provide the best support to our customers.

Turkey is an important country with affordable and high production potential, contributes significantly to global trade and exports to many countries. The USA is a key market for Turkey with its strong economy and social structure.

As Notus, our aim is to provide the best B2B service by bringing supply and demand together with superior service and quality. We offer a variety of products to meet the needs of construction projects such as hotels, dormitories, stadiums, houses, facilities, cafes, restaurants and wholesalers.

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As Notus International, we conduct our business with ethical values and a customer-oriented approach. The core values of our company are as follows:

  • Reliability: We adhere to the principles of reliability and transparency in our relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. We aim to be a reliable business partner by keeping our promises.
  • Innovation: We constantly endeavour to think innovatively and improve our business practices. By keeping pace with changing market conditions, we aim to provide better products and better service to our customers.
  • Social Responsibility: We care about our social and environmental responsibilities. By adopting the principles of sustainability in our sector, we support a business approach that is sensitive to society and the environment.

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By adopting the principle of sustainability, we fulfil our responsibilities towards both the environment and society and aim to leave a livable world for future generations.

  • Environmentally Friendly Business Practices: We reflect our sensitivity to the environment in the way we do business. We aim to minimise our environmental impact by making continuous improvements in sustainable material use, energy efficiency and waste management.
  • Green Logistics: We reduce our carbon footprint by optimising our logistics processes. By directing our transport methods and packaging techniques towards environmentally friendly options, we aim to protect natural resources and take steps towards a sustainable future.

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As Notus International, the security of our customers' and business partners' information is extremely important to us. We are constantly reviewing and improving our information security and data protection measures to keep the data of our customers and business partners safe. In this way, we aim to gain the trust of our customers and business partners as a reliable business partner.

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