Inegol furniture is the term that refers to furniture produced in Inegol district of Bursa.

It is a large and influential sector about which research and studies are carried out in universities. In the 18th and 19th centuries, İnegöl played a role in meeting the timber needs of the shipyards of the Ottoman Empire, and furniture production started in 1943. The district has an important role in Turkey's furniture industry in terms of the number of workplaces operating in the furniture industry and the size of employment. Furniture production is mainly based on the production of armchairs, sofas, chairs, bed and living room sets. Furniture made in the district is exported all over the world, especially to EU countries.

With its industry and employment-friendly furniture sector, İnegöl continues its economic development and continues to grow day by day as a population.

İnegöl district has a high potential for furniture industry with its raw materials, market, labor force and transportation facilities. Forest products industry activities carried out in İnegöl district from the past to the present have formed the foundations of the furniture industry. The region is one of the most important furniture industry locations of our country and 88% of the industrial enterprises in the district operate in the furniture industry. According to 2018 data, the furniture industry alone accounts for 42% of the district's exports and 17% of our country's furniture exports. The proximity of the region to raw material sources, ports and market areas and its location on important transportation routes are the most important factors affecting the development of the furniture industry.

Inegol furniture has a wide market share in Turkey and abroad. Furniture companies in İnegöl meet the expectations of their customers with their production in accordance with high quality standards and are preferred in the international arena. In addition, in recent years, the İnegöl furniture sector, which attaches importance to environmentally friendly production and sustainability issues, draws attention with environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

İnegöl is 80 km away from Gemlik port, the gateway of the region to the world, and is connected to the port by wide and safe ring roads. In this way, it provides advantages not only in terms of production but also logistics.

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