We manage all processes from the order stage to delivery to your door with our expert team.


Assisting importers abroad in sourcing products and the right manufacturer. Identifying the materials or products needed in line with the company's activities and business requirements. This step is usually carried out through inter-departmental liaison and needs analysis. Identifying and evaluating suitable suppliers to supply the required materials or products. Factors such as price, quality, delivery time, supplier reliability play an important role in supplier selection.


Providing pricing support to importers, negotiating with suppliers to ensure competitive prices for products. Analysing market trends, examining competitor prices and assessing the price sensitivity of target customer segments. Determining the appropriate pricing strategy in line with this information. Analysing product or service costs and establishing a pricing model. Continuous review and improvement of pricing strategies. This involves continuous data analysis and appropriate adjustments for price optimisation. Effective management of negotiation processes.


Carrying out quality control of the products, carrying out inspections to ensure compliance with standards and quality. Determining the quality standards that must be met in the company’s products. These standards include elements such as functional properties, performance, safety and durability of the product. Checking the quality of the packaging and labelling of products. This includes checking the integrity of the packaging, correct labelling and the relevance of product information. Reporting and documenting data from the quality control and product inspection processes. This is important to provide customers with information about product quality and to prove it when necessary.


Optimisation of freight costs, preparation of transport documents. Monitoring and delivery tracking. Monitoring the position and status of the products in the transport process, providing customers with continuously updated information and ensuring that delivery is carried out on time. Management of customs procedures, preparation of relevant documents, smooth completion of customs procedures. Completion of transport insurance and policy procedures.


Consolidation is the realisation of the shipment of multiple shipments and product types together as a single transport unit. As Notus; we collect your products from different manufacturers and suppliers in our warehouses for you, consolidate them and turn these different and small shipments into a single shipment. This allows many small shipments to be transported in a larger shipment instead of being transported separately, thus significantly reducing transport and storage costs. We consolidate products from different suppliers for the same target market into a single container and ensure that you receive many different product items and variants in a single shipment.


Provision of products and services according to the special demands and requests of importers, offering customised solutions. Project works and periodic/seasonal works. Product Design and Development: Design and development of customised products according to specific requirements or demands of the customer. This includes the adaptation of the product's features, dimensions, functionality and aesthetic characteristics in accordance with the customer's wishes. Rapid production of samples and samples according to the customer's requirements. This involves the rapid production of prototypes for the verification of the design or characteristics of the product.

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